5 extra-ordinary tips to prepare for entrance exams

We all come across stages in life when educational advancement is needed. In order to secure an entry in any educational institute the entrance exam is a big hurdle. But if one plays smartly and understands few essential points, the task is indeed not much difficult. In order to clear any entry exam the very first step should be:

  • Preparing ahead of time: Many people are smart, intelligent and hold good academic records but procrastination is what gets them all doomed. They keep on delaying the preparation and finally when the time of exam arrives they are running here and there for help. The day one receives the date of examination; a proper schedule should be made. If weekly targets are set with reference to topics, all preparation shall be completed in a very short span of time.
  • Test papers: This is one great idea for students who plan to enter for college or university exam. The test or past papers are readily available on the internet or at the college/university book store. These give students a clear idea as to what can be expected in the entrance test. Hence these model papers must be practiced multiple times in order to brush up one’s skills. The rule is simple – the more you practice the better it gets.
  • Avoid last minute panics: If your friend calls exactly when you are leaving the house just to say you forgot to solve a test paper – IGNORE him/her. You should get a good sleep, a filling meal and reach the exam site a little earlier to ensure your nerves are relaxed. Make sure not to fuss over last minute discussions that might shake your confidence on preparation.
  • Be careful of the time: Now here is the tricky part, many students end up being completely ignorant of the time duration allowed for the test. Whereas others take the pressure too seriously and performance is adversely effected. Well, a good balance here is much needed. The best way is to simply divide the time for each section. This will not only set a target but one can also keep track and not waste time on unnecessary questions.
  • The scoring method: It is too important that you carefully read the scoring method before immediately scribbling down with a pen. Answering each question is honestly not a good idea if negative marking is a part of the marking strategy. Answer only if you are extremely sure, else just move on.

These are just a handful of tips, but yes, they are also extremely important. If one has prepared well for the exam but due to some xyz factors couldn’t really perform well at the examination centre, all efforts will go to vain. Try keeping the cool even if the test is a little tough than expected, if your nerves are under control, half the problems are solved!