5 Tips For Writing An Effective Essay

Essay writing is probably the easiest task during academic journey. It not only allows a student to write down his/her ideas but also provides with the opportunity to add up to the knowledge pool. Take for example college times, when a student is merely enjoying life and does not look upon responsibilities seriously- writing an essay seems to be a mountainous task. In particular if the project is lengthy, all one would do is seek some sort of external help and not even find the slightest possibility of performing the task himself.

Well, the core solution to this is very simple, break down the essay into sections and try working on it for once. The five basic tips that will ensure you finish the task ahead of deadline and secure an A grade are as follows:

  1. Research the topic: Now here we have two scenarios, if you have not been provided with a topic you can always search Mr .Google for one, but if a topic has been assigned then you need to do some self research. Here many students get baffled for example if they don’t understand the topic they will straight away start searching for external help assuming they cannot find information related to it anywhere. A simple advice for them is to keep aside all the assumptions and at least type the keywords on search engines. They will soon realize where they were going wrong.
  2. Brainstorm: Once the topic has been decided or a little research has been conducted the next step is to brainstorm ideas. Once you do that successfully, trust me, half the work is done. You should add all the details that link up to your essay. What shall the introduction comprise of, what will the discussion contain and how will you end the essay, just jot down all the bits and pieces of information you know and essay writing will become much simpler..
  3. Introduction matters: Take your time while writing the intro. Many people would rush with this part not understanding that it holds the essence of the entire project. It sets foundations for the entire task and identifies what will be discussed in the essay. What new areas the research will target and how it will help in adding up to the past literature available on the matter of concern. The introduction has to be impressive so that it ignites interest of the reader.
  4. Avoid this common mistake: Essay writing can be tricky. Many students will end up exaggerating the topic in the discussion part, by exaggeration I mean adding too much irrelevant information and not getting to the point. Also exceeding the word count leaves a very bad impression, especially if all the information added was not at all related to the topic of research. Kindly stick to the word count and make sure you maintain a steady flow while providing all useful insights.
  5. Conclusion: A conclusion is not only a final note to the essay but it also decides your grade to a large extent. Merely repeating things in the conclusion seems like a bizarre idea, the best part to end your essay is with a critical evaluation which includes some personal recommendations and evaluator remarks. Also you may refer to studies that according to you were highly valuable with reference to the topic of research. This will leave a good impression on the instructor making him realize how well you researched on the matter!

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