Eating These 5 Fruits Will Always Bear You Fruits

There are people in this world who can survive on fruits –like really. They love the fresh smell, the lovely taste, the juice extracts and of course the effect fruits have on their skin and immune system. Not only are fruits a good source of vitamins and minerals but they are recognized for curing vitamin C and Vitamin A deficiencies. Those who make sure that their diet includes fruits have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Fruits also maintain levels of potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folic acid in body. There are however many people who are not sure as to what fruits will reap the maximum benefits.

The article will now discuss regarding fruits that have proven to provide unlimited benefits .If you have not really tried them yet, you should make a point of getting them home next time you visit the grocery or the mart.

Apple: All of us must have heard the cliché regarding apples (an apple a day keeps the doctor away), but let me tell you something you do not know. Apples contain antioxidants termed as flavonoids which have proven to reduce chance of developing diabetes and asthma. It is advised to eat an apple without peeling off the skin. Also if you want gleaming white teeth enjoy each crunchy bite and get a natural sparkle in smile.

Banana: with 105 calories it is the best healthy food for kids and skinny people. Rich in fiber, vitamin B6 , potassium and folic acid, it fights diseases by lowering blood pressure levels. There is however one thing not many know of, there are people allergic to bananas. If you allergic to rubber latex, this fruit might not be a great choice for you as bananas come from a similar tree sharing common proteins too.

Avocado: with 114 calories and high level of vitamin E and folate, avocados are a great nutritional choice for kids. These are also a must try for people with high cholesterol levels. They not only help in lowering cholesterol levels but also the creamy texture makes a great sandwich.

Cherry: those round crimson cherries are a favourite pocket fruit. Rich in antioxidants they contain more of the potent antioxidant (anthocyanin) than any other fruit. This antioxidant helps reduce inflammation and reduces pain caused by Arthritis and gout.

Grapefruit: Talking about the pink grape fruit , normally it is heard that it helps reduce weight. Not only is this true but also it helps lower levels of cholesterol. Pink grapefruit also contains flavonoids and Lycopene which are really effective in protecting few types of cancer. This fruit also withholds ample pectin, a soluble fiber also reducing cholesterol levels.

Mango: In some countries this fruit is termed as the king of all. Mango lovers are usually not deficient of Vitamins A and E. mangoes also have antioxidants namely zeaxanthin and lutein , that sharpens vision especially in adults . People try out brilliant recipes of desserts, chutneys and salads with mangoes, all of them simply yum and tasty.

Orange: If you are pregnant and you want to save your baby from all neural tube defects, replace all snacks with oranges. Many pregnant women find the scent of orange appealing. Rich in vitamin C this fruit is a splendid source of protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Fruits not only do amazing things to our body but also to the skin. So all those females trying to get some beauty by applying different fruit masks on skin should know – consuming them directly will help a dozen times more!

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