Is That The Story Of Your Life

She had been in the middle of a dream when she heard the alarm shriek for the fifth time. There was no snoozing anymore. She woke up startled and rubbed her eyes. It was Tuesday, still three more days to go before she would get to sleep till late morning. She wanted to skip work today but that was not possible. She would just have to go and sit in that small cabin and take endless calls and listen to complaining customers. This made her so de-motivated and she would each day think just one thing-why was she doing this if she really did not want to?

This is what Happens to most of us when we get ourselves stuck in a job that ruins our goals and ambitions. For most of us money is the only reason that forces us to choose a career path that was never a part of our plans. The start seems great, with bucks pouring in and life getting better. But then the real picture becomes clearer. You don’t really mind the monotonous routine at first, the work pressures also seem okay to deal with but then eventually it starts taking away all your energies and you are left with no choice. You have a contract to finish and debts to pay off. House rent, bills and credit card payments push you each day to get back to work you so want to leave.

Now the point is what really can be done in such a situation? When you are getting into deeper pit of remorse and you see all your career plans going to drains. Firstly you will have to stop over-worrying; it will worsen things and make you more depressed. You will have to understand that complicated situations can also be handled by effective management. Most of the stress comes from assumption of the fact that things will remain same forever. There has to be a balance between personal life and work. If you live with a family that needs your attention, you shall try to create a balance between the two. This will take away half of your worries.

Apart from this attitude towards work is highly important. Nobody is really expecting wonders from you, extraordinary leadership qualities are rare but with some efforts you can adopt few. Power and authority in all cases helps. This does not really mean that you are required to bark orders at others but leadership more refers to responsibility in this case. You are doing work -right, taking stress and having no feedback, wrong. May be you need to revise the methods of working. If you want appreciation, you have to show how much this work means to you. Even if it’s clerical you have to go a step ahead of what is required. If your job for instance is just taking complaints from customers and forwarding them to the manager, you can of course show your efficiency by providing a solution to some of them. This would also give your firm insights of other special qualities you have and they might consider promoting you to a job you always dreamt of.

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