Out-Shine At Work And College Both

If you envy that moment when your, popular office colleague enters the doors of the workplace and SUDDENLY the centre of earth shifts. You see him smiling gracefully, waving at every other person & receiving their thanking and awe struck glances and gradually making up straight to the employer’s booth to say a hello , you so want to replace him by your own self! You long to take his place, receive those pats on back from the management, be the adorable mentor of every mate and staff member, trust me; your soul has admitted him to be a leader!

Take a look:

When we talk of leaders at work, it basically refers to all those individuals who have made a point of getting this recognition after injecting piles of hard work. They have pre-set goals and ambitions, some extraordinary talents, are great communicators and excellent problem solvers. Hence workplace has its own requirements, if you were pretty famous back in school; your fans swarming around you like bees, it does not by any chance mean you will be receiving the same admirations in your professional lives as well.

Now moving onto what really leads to such a transformation, what qualities are these self made leaders embedded with? What characteristics make them stand out among others? Why and how did they only reach to this level of success?

It is a clear cut phenomenon! I do not completely agree to the term “leaders are born not made” if that would have been true , half of the world’s leading businesses would have shut down long before, newspapers would have had nothing to boast of, no achievements no discoveries no advancements. The world would have experienced a full stop!

There are of course volumes of tips on the internet available for becoming the gemstones at work, and most are correct even, but then again we have some vital ones that make the marrow of bones. Let us see to them only:


So many individuals dream of becoming work place divas without understanding that their own responsibilities first need to be fulfilled appropriately. They cannot advance without completing their share of work. Obviously when they master the skill of completing their own tasks with great efficiency, they are looked upon for more help by others. People then approach them for personal advices and suggestions. They first become the best among the rest and then climb up further steps of the ladder.


See, great ideas never protrude from robots! It is human mind only that has capacities to think “out of the box”. Humans can not react mechanically especially if they breed germs of creativity within their souls. So risk takers are considered as courageous and creative individuals who would go at all lengths to make their dreams come true. This skill is valued. Trust me. As for the dynamic work environment is concerned , entrepreneurs are heroes, as they always come up with some contingency plan , some out of the world idea that might prove lucrative in the alien circumstances.


Though at workplace too, a competitive environment exists but then again to seek the best out of the efforts, a win–win situation is most suitable. It is essential the focus rests on cooperation. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as “performance management” where supervisors ensure that employees and their efforts are aligned towards the organizational goals, as selfish interests might lead to an individual’s growth but may not always benefit the organization on whole. People who believe in inviting others opinions when seeking solutions are usually perceived as democratic leaders. These individuals are very much valued, as they try to maintain a healthy atmosphere propagating strategic alliances between teams and groups.


Do not forget, if there is a queue right behind you, there must be few who will deliberately fall out of the line and will drag others along as well. The ones who dropped out are your liabilities. Try by any means to get them back in the club. They will undoubtedly throw criticism at you, pass arrogant remarks but do not forget that with appreciation comes some ingratitude as well. To become a powerful leader you shall be aware of the ways to tackle such an adverse situation. The best solution is to positively react to such adversities, correct the pointed deficiencies and prove to the dropouts what benefits they can even enjoy if they enter the team pact.


It is again mandatory that a good leader stays miles away from that dictatorship leading style. Now times have changed. Practices revised. It is hence important that leaders realize the benefits of delegating power to subordinates. It will not only build their confidence but will also force them to place their trust in the leader. Along with this a fast flowing river of loyalty and commitment is also generated. The concept of centralized power, very popular in bureaucratic organizations is eventually fading away. Decentralized or flat organizations are more into fashion. Therefore keeping in mind the contemporary times, delegation plays a very essential role in bringing the best out of people. Giving authority to people with high potential and extraordinary capabilities will surely reap wondrous results.

Some other qualities that are vital ingredients of successful leadership recipe are:


Try NOT reacting this time, for a change! Pro actively see to complex situations. Reacting often clogs your thinking abilities.


Again, rigidity is not a bingo idea. Let yourself flow with the direction of wind and you will actually see yourself enjoying!


Make sure you have all the tools in there necessary. If you can play well with words half your job is done. Believe me,


Leaders shall be equipped with the ability to evaluate situations intelligently. If things aren’t working, no point of exaggeration, a change will help a lot!


Though risk taking and innovations are appreciated but not SWITCHING, which makes others strongly feel your inconsistency, stick to a plan, implement it and see for the results yourself.

Bringing all scattered ideas on one forum, placing them in a nutshell,” leading others is no rocket science”. Many are born with the natural flare to be the organizers, whereas others may inculcate skills using plain observation. Steve jobs have rightly said & what also proves my above mentioned point: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” the rest you know how to manage…

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