Two Sides Of The Face Of Technology

What really comes to your mind when you hear the word technology? Your smart phone, lap top, electronic books, the world of internet, robots or simply gadgets which oblige you to nod in amazement! Technology has in recent times evaded the functional and mental capacities of Homo sapiens. Who knew until this day that technology would replace so many activities of human beings? When we express our gratitude to the wonders technology has inflicted upon us, we cannot ignore the hazards on the other hand. We all have undoubtedly witnessed the brutal outcomes of the attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. How nuclear weapons have proved fatal and destructive is not at all hidden.


 The advantages of technology exceed the disadvantages or vice versa’ is a pretty debatable issue. We all know how every other manifestation of technology has clinging to it some pros and cons, its usage majorly decides which side of the balance is heavier. When we talk of the advantages we can by no means ignore the discoveries in the medical world. Take for instance malaria, the disease was considered fatal after it caused one million deaths, but thanks to technology that the cure for the parasite was discovered or else half the population of world would have vanished up till now, moving over to the cure of cancer, who could have ever thought that tumors could be diagnosed using radioactive rays? Students get a chance to pursue a great career in field of medicine. They emerge with fresh ideas and cures to various deadly ailments.
 Let us also briefly discuss the huge change that has occurred in the field of education. Learning has now been augmented by concepts like online education, classroom flipping and virtual degrees: Where individuals have a wide pool of information available from internet, communication applications like Skype and Google talk facilitate the transfer of information swiftly. Moreover the innovation of various learning applications has indeed transformed smart phones into miniature libraries, where one can at any times access heaps of knowledge instantaneously.


 Then when we move over to the darker side of technology we come across the destructions caused by nuclear weapons. The unforeseen genetic mutations caused by genetic engineering, the replacement of human creativities by mechanical robots, the declining human interactions and socialization due to emergence of social media platforms and above all the DEPENDANCY on machines and digital instruments have purely sucked the element of reality from human lives. Students who shall b e looking forward to more positive aspects are by magnetic forces attracted to the evil side of it. Education shall be for their betterment but technology also lets them explore the forbidden territories, all thanks to internet again.

 Apart from the benefits it is very ironic that most diseases are a result of technological advancements which we later try curing from technology alone. See to it this way, these advancements have raise levels of pollution in air leading to global warming and causing depletion of ozone layer. This further leads to a drastic raise in cancer patients who develop tumors due to harmful rays. Students expected to dive in pool of technology are also exposed to these hazards simultaneously. They are vulnerable to the harmful rays emitted by gadgets that will affect them more adults.

Well strictly talking about how technology has influenced students negatively, it is vital that we understand that children these days are moving away from the reality of life. The need to socialize has evaporated. Children now kill their times with games and unnecessary internet surfing. Where I do agree virtual learning is beneficial, it has also eliminated the need for face to face learning which provided teachers with a better and close monitoring opportunity. Then again I believe it solely depends on how individuals view things, it is a matter of perspective only.

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