Unemployment Has Solutions!

So, have all of your friends secured a lovely job? They boast of it on phone and on meet-ups. You see them being happy and shining under the glow of a fresh career. You, despite being friends with them for years, are jealous. Not your fault, unemployment is like this, it makes you bitter.

You have been called numerous times for an interview but every time you leave carrying the burden of rejection on slumped shoulders. Why is it that only your lucks have been declining ever since you graduated! It is not that you have not strived; you have tried all means to somehow get into an internship even but nothing is merciful these days. There is however a problem, you shall not sit expecting wonders to happen out of sheer luck only. You need to try things that are more practical and will surely reap results.

Fresh graduates commit few common mistakes and repeat them over and over; it’s just a common mistake. But there are of course few remedies and tips that will drag you back into the race you wish to become a part of. Let us two obvious reasons for your repeated failures and also find the solutions with each !


The first problem is that your intelligence is limited to good grades only; your brains go to sleep once you set out for some smart planning. Job hunt is not a joke; it needs some thorough planning and clever analysis. The problem that occurs here is your inability to understand your own interests and talents. For example you are very good at channel management; you have huge knowledge of the supply chain elements, but as you have done your majors in human resource you try best to get a job in that field only. When you are called in for an interview your crammed knowledge doesn’t work much for you.


The solution is simple. Get your passion live. Your career shall never be influenced by your list of excuses- Excuses that speak of your inability to choose a subject of your choice and blab la. It is mandatory that you chase your passion like one would chase light in a dark passage. Even if you have done your graduation in some subject that is not a darling of yours, doors to your career are always open. Give a try for once.


The next difficulty occurs when a graduate finally looks into is box of connections. Mind that I am not referring to friends, family and acquaintances; in fact all I mean is contacts that are helpful, commonly referred to as “sources”. When a graduate looks into that box he find sit so empty, the struggle then begins. Education is also important but these days it is connections that get you a job. Check out LinkedIn for a proof.

Solution is understood, fresh graduates shall make a point of meeting professional people and asking for their cards. Once a vacancy crosses their eyes, they will know who to give a call.


Well, this reason for many may not be an important one but it really matters. So, your “personality” matters! Personality includes a bundle of things that make up a human being on whole. From demeanor, style, skills, attitudes, mannerism to clothing –everything is included. Many people would focus on all other things and ignore this point.


You need to groom yourself, maintaining your personality is like washing your face every day. In today’s world with this fierce competition, it is important that you make yourself stand out , else you will just stay waiting in the queueou w and see others excelling right in front of your eyes.

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