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How It Works

Pricing comes with an affordable pricing plan keeping in mind the convenience of its clients.

We do not boast of being better than competitors but we just focus on giving our clients value. If you think we will compromise on quality with low prices hold on to your thoughts. We believe in providing maximum benefits at low prices. Apart from regular baits we also offer huge discounts on special occasions.

The overall pricing depends on just the following factors

Your deadline
By this we mean the deadline you give us and definitely not the deadline you have received from your instructor. We make a point of providing work before the given deadline and we will not keep you waiting till the last minute. There are no limits for minimum deadlines as we try coping with your urgency. We do not decide the time limits, you give us the deadline and we work accordingly!

Project type
our prices differ from project to project. Our price range is different for essays, research papers, assignments and dissertations. Of course the complexity of project matters.

Discounts and offers

We definitely give benefits to our customers in form of baits and discounts. You will receive a 15% off on the total price of your first assignment. Also we have offers for assignments and papers that exceed 5000 words and has a deadline of (10-15) days.